Planet Kid's Team



Ilona is certified as a Child Development Supervisor, With over 30 years of experience working with children and 10 years of owning and running her own child care program. Ilona likes to incorporate different languages into child care learning, she is fluent in both English and Polish.


Assistant Director

Magda is certified as a Child Development Assistant. She has trained underneath Ilona for over 8 years and has been able to use this experience to create fun and exciting activities and program for children in all the age groups. Magda is fluent in English, French and Polish.


Child Care Worker

Jannelle has graduated with her diploma in Child and Youth Care. She is also certified Child care Supervisor. She adds her experience in foster care to the team and brings her willingness to help children in all age groups. Her motivation to support people makes her an important part of our staff team. She is fluent in English and Tagalog.


Child Care Worker

Thembie is certified as Child Development Assistant and  has graduated from Excel Academy in the field of community support. She has extensive experience working with families in need as well as children with disabilities. Enthusiastic about working with and for children. Thembie is fluent in English and Ndebele.


Child Care Worker

Mary is a certified childcare worker and has worked with children in the Edmonton area for the past 3 years. With a strong focus on early literacy and peer conflict resolution, she hopes to promote an open dialog at all times. During her evenings she also teaches dance at local studios. Mary is fluent in English.


Child Care Worker

Robin is a certified Child Development Supervisor. She has worked with children for as long as she can remember, but has worked in a daycare setting for the past five years. She has experience working with children of all ages, as well as many walks of life. She is passionate about seeing the growth of each child; And building those on-going relationships with them, as well as their families. She views every child as a whole, and practices inclusive learning. She is fluent in English, some French, and Mandarin as well.


Child Care Worker

Sinclair has graduated in Child and Youth care and is certified as a Child care Supervisor. Shes has loved working with kids of all the ages for as long as she can remember which includes daycare experience. She has a lot of curiosity and is always coming up with new ideas for development and growth practices. Sinclair is fluent in English.


Child Care Worker

Rayelle is certified as Childcare Development Assistant and is currently going to school to become an elementary teacher. Her passion for children drives her to continually find new ways to promote and encourage curiosity and active learning among the children. Rayelle is fluent in French and English. 


Child Care Worker

Kyra is is certified Child Development Assistant and has been working with children for 5 years. She brings experience working with children with cognitive disabilities and children from all backgrounds including foster care. She strives to continue learning and growing alongside the children and to always be inclusive! Kyra is fluent in English.


Child Care Worker

Sara is certified Child Development Assistant with over 20 years of experience care giving. She brings her diverse experience in care giving consisting of children and adults. In the evenings Sara also works as a nurse at a local hospital. Sara is fluent in English and Greek.