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At Planet Kids Daycare, we believe in quality child care that provides children with the opportunity to learn, grow and play in a safe, nurturing, home-like setting.

We believe that children learn through exploratory activities, children are best able to explore their world, to learn and to grow. The staff provides a program that allows for each child to play in situations that will facilitate the unique growth of healthy physical, emotional, cognitive and communication dimensions. Each room provides a different learning experience, centered around a planetary theme, every room offers a range of materials and developmentally appropriate activities.

We believe that family cultures and values are important in a child’s growth and we encourage everyone to share their unique backgrounds. Through sharing and experiencing different cultures and values, we become more understanding.

We also believe in an open door policy, no invitations needed. Feel free to stop by at any time and as often as you like and see firsthand your child’s daycare experience and know that their time is well spent on meaningful activities focused on developing your child to the best of their ability.


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